How does mova work?


The first time you open mova it will talk you thru some of the new concepts in mova’s design (a P2P database, and Public Private Keys), then invite you to create a profile.

Profile creation

After creating a profile you can register a default Web Monetization wallet, aka a Payment Pointer for all your future claims. You can override this on each Claim, but this is your default.

## Domain verification To help identify yourself you can go thru a process of domain verification to establish that you control a specific domain name, such as that of your production company or filmmaker web-page.

Generate an ISCC & claim

Once you’re profile is setup you can start to generate ISCC fingerprints for your videos and adding additional data about them such as cast, crew, license, terms of use and payment pointer/wallet.

Publish the claim

When you are happy with your film details you can publish it as a Claim which will then appear on our public API. We call public film listings Claims as it is not easy to prove that a film is controlled or owned by a specific person; but we can say that a person claims to have those right.

Code lookup

In adition you can use mova to perform a ‘Code Lookup’ - where you generate an ISCC for a video file to see if - there’s a matching film in the database.


mova also allows for third party-certifications, such as of festival wins and age certification - but at present these are for demonstration purposes; there are no third party certifiers in place to verify the claims.

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