mova is a desktop app that lets you register films you've nade on a decentralised database along with license info and payment wallet. This can then be used by platforms looking to show, share and help monetize work.

What can mova do?

At present mova alpha can:

  • let you generate fingerprints for the videos you made or control the copyright for;
  • add metadata such as license & payee info;
  • verify that you are associated with / have access to a specific domain name;
  • publish this on a public shared distributed database as a ‘Claim’
  • index this database and make it public at an API endpoint
  • implement very basic moderation of videos there that break our community Code of Conduct and Terms of Service (such as are infringing, misleading or illegal).
  • generate ISCC codes from videos in your posession to perform a search for matching data (a kind of reverse video search).

lower case?

We try to write mova in all lower case, but we’re not uptight about it! It originally stood for Monetizing Open Video Assets or Making Open Video Awesome/Amazing/Acessible, depending who you ask.

What technologies does mova use?

mova is:

Who made this?

mova was built by Connor Thurland and Pegah Vaezi of Sprilllow with Nicol Wistreich, with funding by Grant for the Web. It’s a hosted project of

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