mova API

There is a prototype basic public API providing access to claims registered on the mova app.

All Claims registered publicly on mova will be made available via a public API, unless they have been hidden for breaching our Terms of Service.


The API will allow developers to query the MOVA registry and return different types of data:

ISCC Codes

These should be accessible straight after submission. You can search for:

  • the listing(s) for a specific full ISCC code with /api/claims/:iscc_code=12344-123AF-8ASF32-HGAS9
  • the listings for a partial ISCC code, by adding ?match=meta,content,data,instance to an ISCC search, and deleting the types of query not needed to search on. For instance to only look for content matches, not data matches (which could recognise different file formats/resolutions) you would append ?match=content.

Database searches

These are revised every hour. To search for claims in the registry that match some metadata:

  • start with api/query,
  • add ?value=[something]
  • add ?number=[integer] (default is 10) to define how many results to return

To query a specific field, add ?field_def=[entryHash] where ‘[entryHash]’ is the ID for whatever field you want to search on (e.g. ?field_def=uhCkklhPcwiI7BvIKfBVi7GalKpR785wGDiNICl8XNqrplsSCRGjF?value=)

NB - You can wrap your query in quotes, but you do, remember to backslash quote marks inside, for e.g. api/query?value="don\'t look up"?.

How does it work?

The mova API bases its data from the distributed database that powers mova stored in parts on every user’s computer. For speed, the full database is crawled and indexed once an hour so there’s a maximum delay of an hour between adding a claim and it appearing in the database. ISCC codes can be search on immediately however.

The API endpoint has four-parts:

  • h-app node. An always-on mova instance (which also ensures the database is always accessible during low-usage), which supports a…
  • crawler. A runner which looks thru the published Claims and tracks new and updated listings, writing these to an…
  • index. For speedy search and access by the…
  • API. Allows for searches by partial and whole ISCC codes, and terms from any published string.

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