A community-led database of video fingerprints

Introducing a proof-of-concept for a community-run database of rights ownership claims for both Creative Commons and Web Monetizable videos, matched with their ISCC fingerprints.

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Mac OS, Windows & Linux

The first cross-platform desktop app to generate ISCC codes for large video files.

Community-run database ⚡️

Uses its own distributed ledger to share the database across the community of users.

Full open API & indexer

Access verified claims with a restful API, running from a ledger indexer.

Custom field-builder

Admin can create custom metadata field types, expose to ledger, i18n & API.

Verified Credentials

To build layers of trust, certifiers can verify credentials of claims, down to field level.

Web Monetization ready

Add an ILP Payment Pointer at account level and for specific claims.